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Hardwood Floor Refinishing
St Louis MO

#1 Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing in St Louis, MO

Anytime you walk into a home that has hardwood floors there is a unique feeling that you will get. This is due to the elegant and appealing nature of wood floors. Any property owner who chooses to have wood flooring will increase the visual appeal and aesthetics of the property. Hardwood floors are known to be durable and they can last for decades. However, even with all these exceptional traits, the wood floors are prone to wear and tear and this will compromise the beauty of your floors.

We will take care of your damaged floors with our exceptional hardwood floor refinishing St Louis services. We have been in this industry for over 30 years and we will give you quality services and restore your floors. We are a local company and our floor refinishing St Louis process is comprehensive and affordable. With our experience, we will show you how to take care of your floors and retain the beauty of the floors.

Our contractors are highly trained and specialize in residential and commercial hardwood flooring services. We have a wide range of products and services that you can benefit from. You can count on us to deliver quality services at affordable rates. Our experts will cater to all your needs and work within your budget. Get in touch with us and request a free estimate.

Floor Refinishing Services

So what really is floor refinishing? This is a comprehensive process that aims at restoring your hardwood floors to their original state. There are a number of steps that are involved in the refinishing process, and in our case, this will mainly entail sanding, staining and finishing the floors.

Sanding is the first thing that any professional contractor will start with. This will get rid of all the staining, finishing and damages to the floor. Our crews will sand away the layers on the floor, which make it look dull and old. If there are significant damages like holes and warped boards, we will repair them before refinishing the floors. Our dustless hardwood floor refinishing St Louis is safe and effective.

With the floors sanded and cleaned, we will stain the floor to give it a shine. There are different colors and shades of floor stains and we will help you choose the one that suits your floors. The objective should be to find a stain that brings a natural appeal to your home. Finally, we will finish the floor, which is the last step in the wood floor refinishing St Louis MO. We will apply a finish to your floor, which will protect the floor and the stain that has been applied. All the products that we use are safe for your home.

Hardwood Floor Repairs and Maintenance

The life span of your floors will be determined by the care that they get. You will have to find ways of maintaining the floors so that they can maintain their natural beauty. There are waxes and polishes that can be used as a protective coating so as to prevent moisture from setting on the floors. Refinishing the floors is one of the most essential ways of maintaining the floors. This is a complicated task and the only way that you are assured of the best results is by hiring a professional for the task. We have been providing wood floor repair St Louis services as part of our floor restoration service.

Refinishing floors is our passion and we have always been striving to find the right techniques to serve our clients. For most homeowners, the amount of dust produced in the sanding process is a major concern and this is why they hesitate to refinish floors. In a bid to solve this, we are proud to offer a dustless hardwood floor refinishing Florissant MO & St Louis. We will use modern equipment, which will contain the dust as the floors are being sanded. This gives you a safe environment, with no dust being produced. This means that we are able to finish the floors without creating a huge mess.

wood floor refinishing St Louis, MO

Dustless Sanding Process

We are skilled experts in floor refinishing St Louis and we specialize in dustless sanding. This is a process that is eco-friendly and leaves your home with a shiny floor and no mess. With the dustless method, we are able to work fast and efficiently, since we have no dust and debris to remove. Our sanding will be accurate and neat and we are able to keep an eye on what we are doing. We will easily be able to restore the floors to the original state using our skills and experienced.

It does not matter how damaged your wood floors are; our wood floor repair St Louis services are effective and thorough. You can trust our experts to work on your floors and deliver the best services. Safety is a major concern for us and this is why we strive to deliver services that are safe for everyone.

The sand-free sanding process is ideal for all who may be suffering from allergies and other respiratory conditions. If your floors are damaged, you should not worry about replacing them; refinishing is an affordable process and is quite effective.

Professional Floor Refinishing Services

Sanding is one of the most integral parts of wood floor refinishing St Louis MO. However, this is a process that has great potential to damage your floors is not handled by a professional. We are skilled and experienced and we know the right sanding techniques to use. Our specialists will protect your floors and leave them in a better state than they found them.

We do not take shortcuts when it comes to restoring your floors. Our process of refinishing floors is comprehensive and safe. Give us a call to refinish your floors today. We are the leading hardwood floor refinishing St Louis experts in this region and you can trust us to deliver the best results. Contact us today to get a free estimate and consultation!